2019 Fiat Punto Get New Design

2019 Fiat Punto Abart Specs, Price, Release Date


2019 Fiat Punto is famous with it is style. It has a sleek style that is eye-catching lines. It looks like the perfect of the balance between classic elements of design and contemporary features, perfect for those who don’t want to forgo style, functionality, practicality or elegance. Fiat Punto is completed by Five-Door standard features. Those are, Air Conditioning, Radio CD/MP3 Player, Body Color Door Mirrors and five teen inches Comfort line alloy wheels.

2019 Fiat Punto is one of luxury small SUV. It is brand from French that uses efficient engines for its performance. Around the updates discovered within the bran-new automobile style square measure its outside accents.

It has thirteen shades. All shades are painted on the body back like it is bumper, and its inner framework. In the inside, it has two-color natural leather surface of brand-new and premium high-quality products for this vehicle. Still in the front side, this vehicle use signal right into the bumper flush where the number plate is connected.

Talking about the space, there is mound of inside and the vehicle’s seat is so comfortable for the passengers. Passenger can sit too high with a commanding view down the short bonnet. Then, the control of this vehicle is logically arranged in this type. It designed with long arms and short legs and all shapes and sizes of the driving position are also giving the comfy mode. The Punto is a distinctive inside and outside design.

2019 Fiat Punto Performance

2019 Fiat Punto has the blend of performance and economy provided by modern turbocharged diesel engine that use 1800 rpm progressed past. This vehicle uses an environmentally responsible because it uses just 4.4 liters per 100 kilometers of fuel consumption. This vehicle also has 95-RON premium as a minimum of five-speed petrol version consumes just 5.9. This vehicle uses Dynamis diesel in a rating of 119 g/km and the petrol manual at 139.

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Fiat Punto best known as ultra-efficient modern cars with few vices with the very light electric steering at sub-30 km/hour speeds, that can be rendered even the lighter for parking by pushing a button. Punto is also designed as handles well and also has a supple ride. It so simple, right?

Besides, Fiat Punto has a pretty price for its standard equipment. The Electronic stability and traction control are includes on all models of this type, and the 1.9-litre Punto also get ‘Hill Holder’ to help the driver take off uphill without rolling back, even though the driver is less of experience in driving. Also, it use spare tire of full-size smaller-engined for the 2019 Fiat Punto.

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