2019 Ford Torino Cobra Spy Shots

2019 Ford Torino GT Concept and Specs


American Biggest car production finally announces its release on their new car 2019 Ford Torino. The two sits car that rather called middle dimensions house car is the reincarnation of its pioneer in the 60’s and 70’s versions. It comes with super and innovative featured and power house engine.

2019 Ford Torino GT Exterior and Interior design

The exterior design of this Ford new car has some sort of old car vibe to it. This is totally make sense as this car is inspired by its successor in the sixties and seventies. The car produced with light weight material to decrease the total weight of the body, thus the new Ford Torino will consume less petrol and lessen its body weight for a few pounds. The position of the light surely distinguishes this car with its former as this car look gentler. The design also creates much better features. Not forget one thing, It also comes with 17 inch wheels.

2019 Ford Torino has a simplicity kind of look with redesign of the dashboard. The dashboard is design with the water crystal feel display screen present. This display is capable to manage all the things that must be done by the car like temperature setting, audio playing, etc.

2019 Ford Torino Cobra Engine and Performance

2019 Ford Torino comes with various choice of engine. For the first choice, you can choose to have 5 liters VCT V8 system. This engine will produce as much as 435 horsepower from GT. Comes as the second choice, there is 5-2 liter V8 process.

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This engine definitely can make higher power as much as 530 HP. As a comparison, this type of engine can be found in GT350 from Shelby. Last but not least as a choice is a rather small one with 3.5-liter dual turbo V6 engine. It can produce of maximum 400 horse power. One thing for sure is that one of all those machines will be located under the hood of new Ford Torino.

2019 Ford Torino Release and Prices

Based on some reliable information, this car available on market start form the midsection of 2017. For the prominent muscles car form the 1960’s and the 1970’s, the once most popular ford Torino will might be the successor. 2019 Ford Tornio will be available on market with the price starting from $60.000 and will be increase based on each type of engine.

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