2019 Honda Prelude Concept Revealed

2019 Honda Prelude Price and Release Date


The 2019 Honda Prelude was first released in 1978 by Honda and last till early 20th century, but its production was ceased. Rumor said that this upcoming year, Honda is going to make a comeback for Honda Prelude after 15 years. Further, 2019 Honda Prelude is a two-doorway coupe that will be a part of Honda’s Acura division in the US and soon it is going to be sold also for the rest of the world.

This car is predicted to be the next generation of a true sport car from Honda which is similar with the previous series, NSX and ZSX. It means that the brand new 2019 Honda Prelude is going to be available and car lovers can have high expectation for the appearance to be better than the older series’ design.

Next, it is predicted that the price of this newest Prelude is about $33.000 to $36.000. The price will depend on the toned and engine that can be provided, so prepare for the worst if the price of 2019 Honda Prelude is more than what we expect it to be.

Exterior and Interior for 2019 Honda Prelude

Honda may be doing some improvements for the 2019 Honda Prelude’ exterior, in other words, Honda will remodel the all-around design for the body or exterior shape. For example, the cabin will be overhauled so that it will be more attractive and modern. And for the automobile may well be more stylish and hostile, like the front lights and tail lights.

Regarding the technology used, Honda will provide a technological innovation in order to make the 2019 Honda Prelude better at supplying the driving experience. As a result, 2019 Honda Prelude is going to satisfy car lovers with its attractive, modern, yet classy design.

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The interior of the new 2019 Prelude is going to be redesigned with the aim of making it much more comfortable and convenient for the driver and passenger. This vehicle will most likely make use of several odds and ends from Civic Type R and most up-to-date Accord. However, it will also complement on its own by having a spacious cabin, providing comfortable seat room and a little freight area.

The arrangement of chairs allows for ample headroom and lower-leg space to allow for the two taller and single individuals. It is rumored that it will likely be a lot more technologically advanced than its older sibling. Then, the dash of 2019 Honda Prelude will likely be removed in order to fit Preludes’ appearance and design.

Engine for 2019 Honda Prelude

Rumor said that there will be two different engines for 2019 Honda Prelude, like 2.0LV-TEC turbocharged engine and 3.5LV-V6 engine. These two engines are better than the engine used for the older series in order to get the best performance. On top of that, Honda will give the complete specs for 2019 Honda Prelude.

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