2019 Honda S2000 Convertible Concept

2019 Honda S2000 Convertible Price and Specs


Honda is going to likely produce the next generation of 2019 Honda S2000. It appears that this will be a roadster of a comparable setup to its older series that was produced in 2009. The car will probably make use of a mid-front engine, rear wheel drive and a light-weight construction.

This vehicle is one of Honda’s sport cars which have only two seats with two passenger doors. Then, it is predicted that 2019 Honda S2000 will be among the lightest cars in its class, however it also means that this car will be pricey. Honda will possibly celebrate their anniversary by launching this new series in the end of 2018. The rumors suggest that the price will be around $50.000 for a single 2019 Honda S2000.

Details of 2019 Honda S2000 Convertible

Up to this days, the appearance of 2019 Honda S2000 is still unknown, not displayed yet, but it is believed the appearances will not be as over leading as the brand-new Civic Type R. Most reports said that the car may be constructed by utilizing Acura’s brand-new business style and may be has cameras instead of conventional side mirrors.

Further, this car will utilize an all-aluminum building with carbon fiber inserts in essential locations around the car as the result of bespoke platform used. It will make 2019 Honda S2000 proposes a low front end, a comparable grille with a more subtle splitter and various set of consumptions, and its rear end will resemble Acura’s NSX.

Just like the previous one, 2019 Honda S2000 will still be a convertible car with a soft-top. As for the cabin, the new series will possibly provide the same standard with the older series. It goes also for the majority of the controls and the engine of 2019 Honda S2000. This is because the controls and the engine used by the first generation are quite good.

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Nevertheless, Honda will improve some parts of it, like the engine that will be completed with turbocharged and a two-stage electrical supercharging system. It might enhance the 2019 Honda S2000’s fuel efficiency and it will offer a well power over 320 horse power.

To conclude, this 2019 Honda S2000 has the features of a sport cars that mentioned above and will likely win over car lovers’ heart since the competitors are gone or not this good. This car is also a show-car, not a road-going model which proofed with, for example, the headlights corroborated with oversized air vents up front and a massive diffuser at the back. All of these make 2019 Honda S2000 as the perfect sporty car for car lovers.

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