2019 Lexus CT200H launched with design and safety upgrades

2019 Lexus CT200H F Sport Price and Specs


Brand-new model of 2019 Lexus CT200H will be released in 2019 or in the 2020. Lexus won’t give much change in terms of the model to the new nexus. However, there are some changes to the car that will make it as whole now car. The manufacturer said that the new Lexus CT will have sportier in looks especially the exterior design. Based on the information the change also will be made to the engine that will give new driving experience.

2019 Lexus CT200H F Sport Engine Specs

It is believed that the new 2019 Lexus CT200H will have less power compare to the previous model of the car. It will be equipped with 1.8-liter V4 twin engine generating about 134 Horsepower. Its rather small for the medium type of car, however compare to the same as it is, there won’t any much differences.

The built-in engine can only accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 10 seconds. The same type car Toyota Prius unfortunately has more accelerate power that can go to 60 mph in 9.4 seconds. While the maximum speed of the car will be 120 MPH. It is a shame for the new car to perform this slow and it’s rather outdated comparing to another new car in almost all type.

The engine used, the Hybrid Synergy Drive also not capable to mix the fuel with the electricity as well as the other similar hybrid engine. The engine however has high fuel-efficiency compare to the other high-end car.

2019 Lexus CT200H Interior and Exterior Redesign

Talking about the exterior design, the 2019 will have more bold and aggressive headlights and bumper. Surely said, compare to the latest 2010 style, the 2019 Lexus CT200H is a lot more modern. The taillight as well as the front light have sleeker look. Overall, Interior and exterior style of this car also a lot simpler. While the exterior design is limited and there is no huge change, the interior design will justify this car as the high-end type car.

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The seats of the car will be using high-end quality leather ensuring the comfort ability of the passengers. At the Dashboard there are various panel setting and the touch screen LCD display. To give it more high-end vibe, there are also some modern feature that include non-key ignition, USB port, Infotainment through streaming, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

2019 Lexus CT200H Release Date and Price

2019 Lexus said to be sold at around mid-2019 or even at the 2020. 2019 Lexus CT200H price will start at the $30.000 at the base model and can be up to $40.000 with better trim.

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