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2019 Pontiac Trans Am Price and Specs


Coming as the Premium sport car, the 2019 Pontiac Trans Am could be a better choose among the other car. It was stood behind the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon and almost forgotten that the car existed. With the fact that Pontiac has less number of car than the Demon, it can be a valuable collection for the sport car lover. There are many things that this car has to actually outshine its competitors. Pontiac Trans will come with new bodywork of the car, with also redesign to be more modern both on the exterior and on the interior. It also offers powerful engine for great driving experience.

2019 Pontiac Trans Am AM Exterior and Interior Redesign

The exterior design of the 2019 Pontiac Trans Am is a mix between modern and classic look. These features can be seen from the front of the car that looked more rounded with big air intake alongside the mesh grille. It also has slim front lights to give more modern look. The bumper of the car almost touches the ground due to the decision of Pontiac to lower and dropped it.

Above it there are also other air intakes. The design of the back has classic touch with almost truck look-like shape and a thin spoiler on top. With a luxury design, the car will definitely will awe people on the sidewalk. It’s great for a decent weather and a ride to the countryside since it has moveable roof.

On the interior design, the overall look will copy the 70’s style with vintage kind of appearance. It will also combine some modern touch with the use of high-technology system. The seats are made by hand through embroidery leather with headrest to ensure the comfortability of the driver and the passenger. The embroidered material also covers the floor mats, the doors and the dashboard and the upholstery. The car won’t be outdated as it is equipped with up to date technology in the navigation, infotainment, and others.

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2019 Pontiac Trans Am AM Engine Specs

The engine of the car is what makes sport car lovers enthusiastic about. It will be powered with a powerful 7.4-liter engine, creating about 1000 Horse Power and torque of 1046 pounds-feet. The engine probably is the most powerful engine compare to all the car in the market today. What makes it powerful is the use of VLT1 V-8 engine with additional Magnuson TVS2300 engine.

2019 Pontiac Trans Am AM Release and Price

Pontiac has confirmed that they will only manufactured about 50 units of the car. Though the official release date hasn’t confirmed yet, the price of 2019 Pontiac Trans Am AM expected to be higher than $100.000.

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