2019 Subaru XV all-wheel-drive small sports utility vehicle

2019 Subaru XV Hybrid Release Date and Review


It is another crossover from Subaru that will be launched as 2019 lineup, the 2019 Subaru XV. Subaru bring the new concept at the Shanghai Motor Show. The new Subaru is a refresh to its old XV and worth to be waited. Like the outback, XV inspired by the Impreza and is in the second edition right now.

With the new release, Subaru plan to make pretty decent amount of change on the exterior, interior as well the engine. It will be a good deal for the customer since Subaru plan to use CVT as the gearbox as it consumes less gasoline. Moreover, Subaru plans to remove the diesel from its engine list on the new car.

2019 Subaru XV Hybrid Engine Specs

2019 Subaru XV is not a sport, it is rather an off-road car. Thus, this car has slightly small power compare to other models of Subaru. It uses three choices of engine. The first as the base model is a 1.6-liter engine, creating around 114 Horse Power. It uses less gasoline when compare it to the current 1.5-liter engine.

The second option is the 2.0-liter engine that create the same amount of power as the 1.6-liter one. This engine has great torque at the low and medium speed allowing it to control the speed. The system is called the X-mode and it is activated when the speed of the car touch 20 km/h. The last engine as the finest choice among the other is a 2.0-liter lineartronic engine, producing around 156 Horse Power.

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2019 Subaru XV Exterior and Interior Redesign

When talking about the bodywork appearance of the 2019 Subaru XV, there won’t be any much changes to the new model. There are tweaks on some of the parts to improve its performance to make it look sportier. It has 4.45 meter in length, 1.62 meter in height and 1.8 wide. Base on its size, the car has spacious room to its passengers, to their leg and head space.

It has pretty stiff body to makes even a stronger car, moreover it is an off-road car so the strength is pretty a big deal. It also comes with the redesign grille and the headlamp to enhance its sporty and strong look.

On the interior of the car, there are comfortable seats though it is not from premium leather. It does comfy when you’re on the long ride and in the off-road riding but not the highest comfortability on its class. It has three display which is great because it gives high-tech touch. The displays show the information about the infotainment, the condition of the car and the control system of the car.

On the safety system Subaru might be one of the lead team, the 2019 Subaru VX even scored 199.7 out of 2018 on the safety test. This is due to the strong body and when it is putted to the test, it is proved to handle crash safely. It also has great alert system integrated to the wheeling steer.

2019 Subaru XV Price and Release

It is predicted that the car will hit the market around 2018. While the price for the 2019 Subaru XV itself is around $30.000 for the base model up to $50.000 for the higher trim.

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