2019 Toyota Venza XLE Price and Release Date

2019 Toyota Venza Price and Release Date


The old Venza still and should remain a history, this is because Toyota has release an announcement of their new 2019 Toyota Venza. The new Venza will be fully redesigned from its previous model with improvement in design as well as the machine. It can’t be labeled as the same SUV as it used to be nor a wagon, it is more a as hybrid between those two cars. These are some information that we collected regarding this new car.

2019 Toyota Venza Trendy look and appearance

This new redesign car will be using aluminum and carbon fiber to its body. This material will give the car more attractive and firm shape with sleek surface. The carbon fiber material reduces the weight of the vehicle so It is claimed to be a strong and fuel-efficiency vehicle.

Although it gave a strong vibe, the new Toyota venza is also equipped with silver coated grill at the front that gives it more competitive and modern look. It also offering best protection with nice and bold look fender and bumper. Talking about the light, the light in front light, backlight and fog light comes with LED technology, which provide better visibility even in unknown road.

2019 Toyota Venza also ensures the comfort as well as the safety to its passengers. The seats in the car are made of high quality leather and design for comfort riding. Although it is a medium size car, the seats have huge leg room as it is very comfortable for long riding or traveling. It also has sophisticated control system which located at the dashboard include temperature, music, radio, and other. Although it has comfortable seat, Toyota design the seat to be very safe with airbags, seatbelts and other security arrangement.

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2019 Toyota Venza Engine and Performance speciation.

As an SUV, 2019 Toyota Venza comes with familiar machine consist of two kind fuel engines. The first is 2.7 liter inline-4 engine that can produce 181 Horse Power of energy and 182 pound feet of torque. The other one is 3.5 liter V-6 churning style which creates 286 HP and 246 pound feet of torque. Both engines come with 6 speed automatic transmission. Although it comes with great machine, some says that it is not enough for the SUV. However, when we compare it to the highlander, 2019 Toyota Venza is sufficient enough.

2019 Toyota Venza Release and price

This brand new car will be launch with price starting from $30.000 for the base model and can be up to $40.000 for some higher specification. For you who want to buy this 2019 Toyota Venza, maybe you need just a bit more patient as this car will be available on market at the end of this year.

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