2020 Dodge Dakota Crew Cab First Look

2020 Dodge Dakota Truck Price and Release Date


This new 2020 Dodge Dakota is one of the vehicles from Chrysler Organization which would be designed to follow market’s demand in the medium-size car segment. It is the 4th generation which company ever made. This auto has another name Ram Dakota which has great popularity in the Northern American market since year 2000.

Currently, this truck absolutely will have an opportunity to go for a top class and reach higher market. Some improvements are applied for this truck the features, engine, and interior also exterior engine as well. The redesign gives this auto more competitive looks, happier lights, and larger tires complete with the lightweight material which will be a plus point to impress the customer.

2020 Dodge Dakota Interior and Exterior Design

The design of this new 2020 Dodge Dakota would be provided with sportier color so it makes the look nicer and more eye-catching. This vehicle can carry around five people. The style design is new and has more functions inside to raise more efficiency. The rumors, the company will offer much space for towing and passengers will have adequate room for thighs and head so that they will feel more comfortable. The interior equipment offers with lighter handling, large display for navigation, and other features which make the safety system better for the driver especially.

Besides, it is slightly designed with gates managed and improves in front-end and will finish at the top part side grille. There will be more details and the lines would be a bit nearer. Also it provides a new LED technology lighting at the front lighting, there is a part quick flashes on the right place next to the highlight. To increase the efficiency, control weight is reduced and the framework becomes more powerful with less heavy compare to previous model. It offers infotainment system include in the center system with the running system.

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2020 Dodge Dakota Engine Specification

There are some rumors information about the new engine of this 2020 Dodge Dakota which is likely will be updated with some improvements than previous models. This auto will use two different version of engine. The first engine, it will use 3.7 liter with V6 engine, it has capability to carry around 210 horsepower. The second engine, it will use 4.7 liter with V8 engine, and it can carry around 300 horsepower. This engine is supported with 9 speed automatic transmission program and turbo diesel with four-cylinder engine.

2020 Dodge Dakota Price and Release Date

Still not sure yet when this new auto will be released but it might be would be launched on around late year 2019 or early year 2020. Regarding the price, this truck 2020 Dodge Dakota would be predicted with price around $60.000 more or less.

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