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2020 Dodge Journey SXT Price and Specs


This new 2020 Dodge Journey would be the new version SRT series as the height from the superior end which will be produced by the large car manufacturer named Dodge. With its excellent performance it will be accepted in the global market especially this car will come with more up to date technology and design.

The company was doing great effort to design and arrange the concept so that this car will bring a better performance and can reach higher market place. Below some rumors about interior and exterior design, engine specification, and also price and release date for your reference.

2020 Dodge Journey Interior and Exterior Design

Dodge will give best effort in making this product become an excellent so it can compete with its competitors in the global market. Some part would be just like the latest version such as the shape, design terminology would be similar. The interior also would not have significant change in the design.

But, this product looks like would be designed with the sportier design with the accent of the sport and modern look. We can see the improvement of this new 2020 Dodge Journey from his body sporting activities system across the body design. It is supported with most athletics wheels also. Besides, it looks nicer if we see the design of the cabin.

If you open the door, you will be surprise with the new equipment versions. It offers classy design with elegant physical appearance. It will give good impression to the people and they will feel satisfy and comfortable if use this car. The company gives higher concern to the design and safety system as well.

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2020 Dodge Journey Engine Specification

This new 2020 Dodge Journey will have powerful engine potential which will give better performance for the speed especially. This product provides better performance than the standard. There will be two different version of engine for this car. First engine, it will use 3.6 liter with V6 engine which has highest production capability about 280 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque. The second engine, it will use 2.8 liter generator which containing maximum productivity around 181 horsepower and possibly it will be supported with diesel modifications.

2020 Dodge Journey Price and Release Date

Most probably this new product will be released late year 2019 or early 2020. We will see after it announce directly by Dodge as the company still keep to not mention the exact date till now. Both price and release date is still not clear till now. It still based on rumors and the gossips surrounds only. Regarding the price, there is a prediction that this 2020 Dodge Journey will be about $21.000 around.

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