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2020 Honda Prelude Price, Specs, Release Date


Honda will release its brand-new sedan, the 2020 Honda Prelude. The new model will be the fifth generation as the model introduced back in 2001. It has been on the market for as long as fortyish years. Comes with the new model, the car will slightly a bit heavier then the previous one due to the material on the body and the chassis itself. The new car of this model, will come with some great changes and redesign on the interior as well as the exterior.

2020 Honda Prelude Release and Price

It hasn’t been confirmed yet about the price about the car so its release date. Based on the last model of the Prelude which is the 1997-2001 type SH model, the cost for a single vehicle is about $30.000. The price can be change anyway considering the new model and the new material inside and outside. As the fifth model, the price given will be very makes sense as it will offer great riding experience.

2020 Honda Prelude Interior and Exterior Redesign

As times goes by from generation to generation, the appearance of the car still has the same feel. On the interior side however, it has been keeping that way but with gradual changing to make it more updated and sophisticated as the other car.

Starting from the third generation it has delivered great performance and there is no way the newest model will lowered that down. Although the seat inside is rather tight for the adult size, but the level of comfortability is as its finest.

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Starting from the third model, and maybe later in the fifth model the car’s cabin will be featured with light weight yet comfy material. With the sophisticated design and engine installed in the car, it has slightly more benefit which cost less dollar to be spent. Even it is classified as the high end exclusive car that on the same level with another high-end car.

On the exterior model, more likely it will share the same feature as the NSX which has higher price than the Prelude model. This is due to the fact that Honda will give a more sportier look on their car, include this one. It will feature thin headlight, angular design and slightly smaller than the standard coupe model.

2020 Honda Prelude Engine Specs

There are many possibilities what kind of the engine Honda will put under the hood of the Prelude model. For the first possibility is the Turbp-4 1.5 liter engine, producing about 200 Horse Power. It might also come with even with Turbo-4 2.0-liter engine that be able to create 300 Horse Power.

The engine will be paired with most likely the 6-speed transmission gearbox. No matter what engine Honda will put under the hood, it is surely confirmed that 2020 Honda Prelude will not let us down.

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