2020 Lincoln Town Car is going to come back with a much more improved design

2020 Lincoln Town Car Concept Price and Release Date


As one of the most established car in the States, Lincoln Town Car has been creating a name for itself is it can be seen also in their new car 2020 Lincoln Town Car. The car has been in the market for more than four five decades. It was one of the most selling car in its time. It is due to its design and the concept of luxury sedan.

Moreover, the sedan can take up to six people, which pretty rare so it has its own brand value. Though the announcement of the new car hasn’t been guaranteed from the manufacturer, we can still assume that the car will in some changes.

 2020 Lincoln Town Car Engine Specs

There will be several kinds of options of the engine that the car offer. However, the details of the engine is still unknown. Base on some rumors, it will feature 2.7-liter twin-eco-support V6. The engine can produce as much as 350 Horse Power and 370 pounds-feet of torque. It will be also paired with 9-speed transmission gearbox.

Although it is just a rumor, the engine definitely better than its predecessor that bring 4.6-liter V8 engine. This engine can generate approximately 239 Horse Power and 287 pounds-feet of torque. It is paired with five and six speed automatic transmission. The new engine is rumored to have better fuel efficiency than the current one.

2020 Lincoln Town Car Exterior and Interior Redesign

The new 2020 Lincoln Town Car is issued with pretty much the same design as the older generation of the car. It will still use the boxy design with only little retouch on some parts. The overall look of the car might resemble the look of New Taurus. The main framework of the car may also get a little revamp to improve its performance on the street.

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On the interior side of the car, it will feature luxury design and the use of high quality premium material such as leather and trimmed wood. The use of such material will definitely increase the level of comfortability for the passengers. The leather is covering the most part of the dashboard and the seats.

Besides that, the car will also definitely feature the latest infotainment system and security system. The use of premium audio system and several inches touch screen monitor will keep the passengers entertained in the car. As one of its strongest side is capable to take up to six people, it doesn’t even make the car feel crampy as it has pretty big amount of space.

2020 Lincoln Town Car Price and Release

The car is expected to hit the showroom at the end 2019. Thus, the car can be sold on the market in the 2020. The price is still a rumor, but it is expected for the base trim of the 2020 Lincoln Town Car can reach $45.000 and can be higher base on trim selection.

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