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2020 Pontiac GTO Release Date, Rumors and Redesign


2020 Pontiac GTO is rumored to make its comeback despite its quite unsuccessful history in the past. Pontiac seems like want to repay the story by making the newest car as good as possible for to be more appealing and compete in the fierce market. The car actually in terms of design and engine specification is not really a bad car. In the contrary it is a perfect car for those who are looking for sporty and masculine sedan. Indeed, the market is really competitive so it is hard for the car to enter the market.

2020 Pontiac GTO Exterior and Interior Redesign

Since the official announcement hasn’t been made by the company, the information about car’s design as well as engine are only rumors. However, we expect that rumors to be true since it will be an amazing car if it does.

The overall design of the car is bringing the modern, sporty and masculine look. The last update of the car actually brings some major changes compare to the previous model of the car. The reason for the unpopularity might be because it loses to the Camaro.

On the exterior side, it can be said that the 2020 Pontiac GTO is one of the most attractive out there. On the newest design of the car, it is believed that Pontiac will give totally new look for the car but still keeping the sporty yet masculine look of the car. The overall style of the car will be slightly similar to the Camaro SS but of course there will be some distinct features for the Pontiac GTO.

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Same for the inside, the car is design beautifully with also sporty and modern look. Without no doubt, their newest car will also bring the best feature and gadgets to enhance the performance and appearance of the car. While for the material, GM as the manufacturer most likely will put high-quality premium material.

2020 Pontiac GTO Engine and Performance

There is no exact information regarding the engine under the hood as well. Some says, the car will feature the 6.2-liter engine. However, it is also not clear because the engine could be the same as the ZL1 Camaro which is the HPE750. The engine is rumored to be produced by the third party.

On the other hand, based on the previous model, the company will put strong engine. Making it stood out among its competitors. It is most likely will be the 4.8-liter V8 engine. This engine can produce about 500 Horse Power and approximately 500 pounds-feet of torque. If it is true that the company will bring this engine to the production, there is no doubt the 2020 Pontiac GTO will be a hit.

2020 Pontiac GTO Price and Release Date

Without the official announcement of the release of the car, the price cannot be set also. However, based on the previous model and its competitor, the car is expected to be sale at around $50.000 and can go even higher. Even though the 2020 Pontiac GTO has pretty bad history, we hope the new comeback will repay it.

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