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2020 Pontiac Trans AM Price, Rumors and Release Date


Even though there is news stating that the company is facing its downfall, the rumor of the 2020 Pontiac Trans AM float in the news swamp. This is due to the video that spread around the internet. Thus, the hope for the comeback is really strong despite the condition of the company. As the other car from the brand, actually the Pontiac Trans AM is not a bad car, even is not bad at all.

The problem for the car is that it can’t compete due to its unpopularity and inferior towards the well-known brand. The car is expected to come with completely new design as well as new engine to compete in the fierce market.

2020 Pontiac Trans AM Engine Specs

The older car of the same model is using then V8 engine. Although some says that the engine is less user-friendly than the V6 engine, it has better fuel-efficiency as well as has more power. However, for the new car it can’t be confirmed which kind of engine the company will put under the hood. The reason for this uncertainty is both V6 engine and the V8 engine has its own advantage and disadvantage.

It is rumored that the engine for the most update car will even be more powerful although there is no exact information about what engine that the car will use. Base on the previous model, the engine found under the hood is the 7.4-liter V8 engine. This engine generates about 1000 Horse Power and 1046 pounds-feet of torque. It is claimed as the 2020 Pontiac Trans AM has the highest power and torque among all other car all over the world.

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The new engine of the car might also use the special technology to even enhance the performance of the car. As for other information like the fuel-efficiency rate is not yet know because there is no data about it. It is being said though, it will be one of the great sport cars out there.

2020 Pontiac Trans AM Exterior and Interior Redesign Prediction

Since the release of the car is still a rumor, there is no picture nor design for the car. There are some pictures however drawn by the fans about the upcoming model of the car. The concept is said to be the future Cadillac. This is due to the unique and future-like model. even though the concept is just drawn by the fans, we still except the unique and modern look from the company to the new car.

The company is expected to bring some major change to the design whether is it exterior design as well as the interior design. They have to do that for the car to be more appealing in the market. Buick and GM as the company is also expected to give more attention to the car.

2020 Pontiac Trans AM Price and Release

Sadly, same for the design, the release and the price information are unknown. The expected price for the 2020 Pontiac Trans AM is around $40.000 up to $50.000.

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