2020 Subaru XV Crosstek In-Depth Model Review

2020 Subaru XV Hybrid Release Date, Price and Review


2020 Subaru XV is the newest car that is rumored to come in the upcoming year. Although the rumor of its coming is not really strong, but the Subaru Fans might still want to know what the good news is. Come with elegant and sporty look, the car offers performance as well as appearance. As one of the most established brand, Subaru always make sure to produce high quality product and the Subaru XV is no exception. With the new release of the newest edition, we can see numbers of changes to the car.

2020 Subaru XV Hybrid Engines and Performance

Subaru really put high concern to their engine. For the newest 2020 Subaru XV, it will use the 2.0-liter V4 DOHC 16-valve Horizontally-Opposed engine. This engine can produce approximately 150 Horse Power in the 6,200 rpm. While for the torque, it produces 196 pounds-feet in the 4,200 rpm. The engine will be paired with four-stroke speed system.

For better driving experience, it is also available in All-Wheel Drive system. Since the car is already using the Boxing engine system, the balance and the stability in the driving experience is amazing. As an additional, it is also using the MacPherson Strut Type with Stabilizer Bar at the back for the suspension for better driving.

2020 Subaru XV Crosstek Exterior and Interior Redesign

The overall look of the car gives the elegant and sporty look. Its features perfectly displayed the vibe. On the front side of the car, there are Halogen lights with Levelizer to ensure it produce maximum lightning. There is also small change to the front grille and the bumper. On the side, the mirror is already using the Power Folding technology with aerodynamic shape. To add the aesthetic element, there is roof rail on top of the car.

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What more intriguing is the interior side of the car since it offers many high technology features as well very comfortable materials. There is a cruise control to control the car in just one touch. It also offers huge space of room for the passengers. Since it is a third-row SUV, the car can accommodate up to seven people inside.

There is modern and up to date technology installed inside the car. That features including the DVD+iPod/USB/Bluetooth Audio System, touchscreen display system, AC Anti-Dust Filter. Besides that, there is also Steering Wheel Mounted Audio Satellite Switches and the Telescopic Steering Wheel. As for the safety system, it comes with Anti-Theft Security System, Brake Assist System, and many more.

2020 Subaru XV Price and Release Date

There is no exact information regarding the release date of the car. The price itself is around $30.000 and can go higher for the better trim.

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