2020 Suzuki Swift To Make Its Public Debut Next Month

2020 Suzuki Swift Sport Price, Specs, Rumors


2020 Suzuki Swift will come with much more attractive than ever before in the newest edition. The current model of the car is the fourth generation in the lineup. With the new release of the 2020 edition, it will follow by the redesign of the exterior, interior, and the upgraded engine. The new car is rumored to be the ideal size and also come in sport edition. The upgrade however, won’t change the price that much since it will cost almost the same as the previous model.

2020 Suzuki Swift Engine and Performances

The new 2020 Suzuki Swift is available in both hybrid and electrical option. For the engine, it will be using the 2.0-liter V4 engine. This engine can produce approximately 150 Horse Power and 140 pounds-feet of torque. This engine will be paired with six-speed manual transmission gearbox.

For the sport edition, it seems like it will also use the same engine but with higher torque. The sport edition probably can get the torque up to 230 pounds-feet. However, it is only available with Front-Wheel-Drive, not like the Swift that offer both the FWD and AWD.

2020 Suzuki Swift Exterior and Interior Redesign

As mentioned earlier, the car is in perfect ideal size. For the wheelbase, it is calculated for 2.430 millimeter. For the body size, it is measured I 3.850 in length, 1695 in height and 1.510 width. With the size, it comes with 17 inches wheels. It’s residing also compensated by the Electric Stability System that improve car’s stability on the road.

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The new design of the car posses the classy and elegant style. For the new car, it will have some restyle both in the front fascia and the rear side as well. For the front side, the grille and the bumper can be found somewhat different the previous model. The same thing happens to the bumper and the headlight, with some small revision.

On the interior side, it also uses the elegant and classy style that is reflected on its feature. For the cabin, it is ergonomic and quite large that it can take up to five persons in it. It also uses high quality material though it is not leather. Still though, the material ensures the high comfortability. It will also be using the up to date technology in its safety and infotainment system.

2020 Suzuki Swift Price and Release Date

There is no information regarding the actual date of the release. However, it is almost certain that the car will come in the upcoming years. For the price, the 2020 Suzuki Swift is offered varied from $11.500 to $14.600.

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