Hyundai i40 2020 Wagon seen for the first time

Hyundai i40 2020 Release Date and Price


Hyundai i40 2020 is another interesting takes from the upcoming new car from Hyundai developer. This car will be coming with variety of features that makes it interesting and unique. From the newly designed body to the reliable and better engine. Other than that, the car will also introduce a variety of interesting improvement and features that will be discussed further.

Hyundai i40 2020 Exterior and interior Redesign

Hyundai i40 is a cat that designed with European style. Hyundai i40 is very charming and will certainly be one with nature. The design exterior is very good, Hyundai i40 has good aerodynamic body and still looks elegant. This new body comes with LED head lamps, and rear lamps combination LED and fog lamps. Finally this car will also come with 11 different color option as well.

For the interior which is equally as good as the exterior, because the appearance of the interior has a lot of sophisticated features. The interior design is also improved to look good, making the passenger feel comfortable using this car. Some of the changes on the interior design that are quite important is in the dashboard. Hyundai i40 has a now and more sophisticated dashboard which makes it looks even more interesting to look.

2020 Hyundai i40 Engine Specs and Changes

Hyundai i40 has a good engine, this Hyundai i40 2020 comes with 2 option of engine. First engine use 2.0 NU MPI engine, it has 4 cylinder, 16 valve on each cylinder. With this engine, it is capable to deliver a maximum power up to 203 KPH. The second engine option is 2.0 GDI NU, the speed is around 210 KPH with maximum power of the torque is 21.7kg/m. Finally the transmission of this car comes with 2 option, manual and automatic option with 6 speed level.

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2020 Hyundai i40 Price, Release dates and Safety Features

With all of the information about the car specifications and also interesting features, many people want to have this car. Unfortunately for us all, this car release date is not fix yet. there are some information regarding the car release date which is can be released on the end of 2017 but some people believe that this car will be released in 2020. Finally, the price itself is expected to hit around $23.000.

It comes with a lot of features, one of which is a self-parking system. In this new sophisticated car is very comfortable and safe, it has 9 air bags. And not only protect the driver, all 4 passenger in this car also can be protected perfectly, thanks to 9 air bags. In all of the features, this means that 2020 Hyundai i40 offer a very satisfying safety features for all the passenger.

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