Hyundai Starex 2020 has always been a popular choice among van lovers

Hyundai Starex 2020 Release Date and Price


Improvement for the Hyundai Starex 2020 will be quite interesting and also unique. This car will absolutely have many types of changes and also features which will make it better and unique. The improvement and also changes of the features will be ranged from the car new interior design as well exterior design which means new body design. Other than that except new engine as well which will be the main features of this car.

Hyundai Starex 2020 Exterior and Interior Redesign

Design and aesthetic of this car will be much distinct and unique which will make this car much more appealing. The improvement that are applied into the exterior ranges from fog lamps design and reflector headlamps unique design. There are also new bumper and front grille that are coupled with spoiler and also automatic sliding door mechanism to enhance the car appeal.

On the other hand, the interior are giving a new and more luxurious design. This will make the passenger and driver feel much more comfortable inside this Hyundai Starex 2020. The interior of this car will introduce a brand new Swivel Seat mechanism with multipurpose seating design. This will also be supported with Nappa Leather material to give the car better comfort and also a more stylish look which makes the car unique.

Hyundai Starex 2020 Engine Specs and Changes

The new engine is expected to be superior to the previous design and other car on its type. The engine that is going installed within this car is going to be diesel engine with 2.5 CRDi engine that offer 170 PS for maximum power and 441 Nm for its maximum torque. This car will also available with automatic transmission system with sports system for better overall performance.

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Hyundai Starex 2020 Release date Price and Safety Features

With all of the information that we can gather regarding the car features and also changes there are other information about is release date and also price. For the release date, this car is planned to be released on the midst of 2020 or on the end of 2017. This can be changed based on the development on the car. For the price on the other hand, it is expected that this car will be having a price of $35.000.

Safety features on the other hand are quite interesting. There are several interesting improvement on the safety features for this car. One of the most important improvement is the airbags system which now adapted to a larger environment so it can cover the driver in safer way. This features will also be supported with new improvement on the Hyundai Starex 2020 new sensor system.

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